Let's make the world a better place.

One garden at a time.

 My name is Brie Author, and I’m on a mission to share practical advice about growing your favorite plants, so that everyone will have GREEN THUMB confidence!

I believe that home gardening can transform and improve our communities, the environment and food sources.  

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Gardening is the first step towards reaching your community in a meaningful way.

From teaching the next generation how and where food comes from, to eliminating food deserts across the world, growing your favorite crops is the best way to connect with your neighborhood.

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Landscapes offer so much more than just decoration. Design and manage your land with ecological services in mind.

From storm water management and soil remediation to pollinator habitat, landscapes offer the opportunity to cultivate beauty and bounty while improving the environment we live in.

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The Foodscape Revolution is a movement rooted in goodness. Grow the food you love in the space you already have!

Foodscaping is simple: just incorporate your favorite fruits, herbs and veggies into the ornamental landscape. Planting, harvesting and watering have never been easier. Make the most of the land you have!

Hope springs eternal in a garden and no two seasons will ever be the same.
Appreciate each moment and harvest ‘til you drop!
— Brie Arthur