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Crazy Grain Lady

I am the #CrazyGrainLady   I am an obsessed horticulture professional who loves to grow food; all food, even carbs!  Follow me and the #SuburbanGrainExperiment on Instagram: BrieThePlantLady

The 2016 #AncientGrainTrial is planted and growing.  This year I am testing 12 different varieties in my 1 acre suburban #Foodscape.  Landscape appeal, durability, cold and wet tolerance, ease of harvest and thresh and quality of flour are all important characteristics to judge.

#EdibleMeadow is a landscape design practice that increases bio-diversity and utilizes organic maintenance strategies while elevating awareness and appreciation of how staple crops such as Corn, Rice, Sorghum, Soy and Wheat are grown.

The #AncientGrainTrial includes the following varieties from 4 different sources:

SEEDMAN:  German Spelt, Black Tip Wheat, Ornamental Oat

BACKYARD SEED SAVERS:  Black Winter Emmer, Ghirka Wheat, Huron Wheat, Hungarian

White, Spring Wheat awned bulk

BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEED:  Emmer Wheat, White Sonora Wheat, False Flax

SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE:  Red Turkey Hard Winter Wheat


An early winner, Black Winter Emmer Wheat looks the best following a cold snap and ice storm in Mid January.  14F is predicted for this weekend, we shall see if it remains evergreen!

Foodscaping Podcast

NC Cooperative Extension Getting Dirty in your Garden

Foodscaping is all about making the most of the landscape you have.  Take advantage of the open mulch space between ornamental plants and use the bed edge to grow and harvest crops such as garlic, onions, lettuce, peppers and peanuts.  Tune in and learn about how to manage your home foodscape organically!

Foodscape Book Cover

Today is an exciting day… my book cover has been revealed.  Between professional travel, speaking and consulting I am writing a book about my passion for making the everyday landscape RELEVANT.  I promise, this is not “another vegetable gardening book”.

This book encourages everyone to “think outside of the box,” and to learn how pairing edibles in a traditional ornamental landscape can be beautiful and HOA approved. Focusing on simple ways to enhance existing landscapes, I discuss how to use open mulch space and bed edges to grow meaningful amounts of produce to help reduce the food miles crisis, ensuring that quality produce is available in every home and community. The book discusses how foodscape design increases bio-diversity and encourages sustainable land management practices that are affordable and time-efficient for homeowners and renters. The best edible and ornamental pairings are featured to inspire readers to create purposeful landscapes that engage people of all ages. Several projects, from simple to complex, are outlined in the book so that readers can get started foodscaping right away.

The Foodscape Revolution features fun and easy solutions to growing food and community.  The ‘Yard to Table’ recipes are delicious and are sure to resonate with readers who have an appetite for growing and eating organic, local food.

Every landscape offer an opportunity to grow wonder, ecology and nutrition.  Join the revolution and turn your ordinary yard into a Foodscape!