How did November sneak up so fast?

As I turned my calendar this morning it hit me- 2018 is almost finished. How does time pass so fast? It seems like last week when I was plotting my tomato varieties and searching through seed catalogs for new-to-me plants. Here we are, November 1 and without a sign of frost- yet!

This year has been a delightful blur of amazing people, places and gardens from all over the United States. I am grateful beyond words for each opportunity to share my experiences with others and hope that attendees can take some relevant piece of advice from my ramblings. It can be hard to measure “success” when you aren’t selling something tangible. This has been a struggle for me since leaving my traditional job at a nursery. Now, I am in the business of educating and motivating, sans exams. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me a note or tag me on social media sharing a garden success. Those communications mean the world to me and allow me to see the bigger picture.

As I begin to prepare my home foodscape for a new season I am taking photos and notes to share with audiences in 2019. What worked and perhaps more importantly, what DIDN’T. New varieties and heirloom favorites that thrived in the heat or melted from August humidity and rain showers. Plants that withstood the wrath of two hurricanes and those that didn’t- namely Sesame does not appreciate strong winds at all!

I am looking forward to a busy 2019, including the release of my second book, Gardening with Grains. Ultimately, sharing the joy of gardening with all of you is what motivates me to keep growing each and every day and I truly value and appreciate your support and interest. I owe this wonderful career and general obsession to my years as a 4-H’er growing up in southeastern Michigan. If it weren’t for those extension agents and organization leaders I would have never know that this wide world of horticulture ever existed. So, when you get a chance, thank your local agriculture agents for all they do to bring quality information to the public and for their support of youth outreach.

I wish you all a fruitful and safe holiday season and I look forward to seeing you in 2019! Now get out and sow some seeds asap and keep up the the great gardening, Brie