Growing with Gardenuity is awesome! 

Have you ever dreamt of harvesting a garden from the comfort of your couch?  Maybe with a glass of Chardonnay in hand?  Ripe tomatoes, shiny eggplant, spicy peppers and fresh salad greens... the driving force of home gardeners across the world!  I have.. but then I am reminded that I need soil, fertilizer, plants and more, and I often don't feel like driving to town to visit a local box store (ugh! Gasp! Sometimes shopping ISN'T fun!) 

If only there was a way to have all my gardening supplies delivered right to my front door... 

Well, now there is. Say hello to Gardenuity, an internet wonder that makes growing your favorite vegetables and herbs easier than ever! 

Whether you live in tropical Florida, sunny Arizona, the high deserts of California, or somewhere in between, Gardenuity will match you to the right plants at the right season. Gardenuity sends you supplies that are perfect for your locale, the current weather, your farm inventory, and your personal flavor preferences. When you're ready to see what you can plant in your area in the next ten days, simply enter your zip code, and all the best garden options will appear! 

The Gardenuity team knows it’s not just about the growing process. It’s about the journey. That’s why their complete live plant kits ship directly from farm partners (no waiting or wilting in a warehouse somewhere) and only ship Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Organic seed squares ship in just 2 business days.

Both veggie and herb kits come with everything you need to get growing—pre-portioned soil, custom compost, plant food, a portable planter, instructions, and Grow Pro™ guidance.

As Vice President of Horticulture for Gardenuity, I am proud to share my gardening expertise to make growing accessible and convenient for every person. And the entire Gardenuity team is here to make your experience bountiful! 

When you order form Gardenuity you are automatically registered to get Grow Pro help when you order a MoGrow kit. Grow Pro will send you notifications about things like what to do during rough weather in your area and what you should expect in various stages of the growing journey.

While we know you'll love every single part of the Gardenuity growing process, harvest time is arguably the best time. If it's herbs you're after, they're ready to harvest as soon as they arrive. Veggies take a little more time to yield, but are oh-so-worth the wait! And when you're ready, find curated recipes here.

So get growing with Gardenuity and have the best tasting season ever!