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The Foodscape Revolution

general concepts and overview

Brie has fine-tuned her signature design technique of Foodscaping, a sustainable landscape practice that embraces beauty and bounty. Aiming to change the way landscapes are designed and managed, Brie encourages everyone to "think outside of the box." Learn how pairing edibles in a traditional ornamental landscape increases bio-diversity and adds purpose to everyday spaces. The best edible and ornamental plant combinations are featured to inspire attendees to create purposeful landscapes that engage people of all ages! Easy strategies are explained, including how to plant a bed edge to deter moles and voles. This is a fast paced, informative presentation that leaves attendees inspired and ready to foodscape!   

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The Foodscape Revolution

Deterring browsing mammals                                    

Mammal browse is one of the biggest challenges that gardeners face. From the best repellents to using plants to deter problem animals, Brie will explain her approach to dealing with unwanted wildlife in a suburban neighborhood. Accessible strategies are explained, including how to plant a bed edge to deter moles and voles and design approaches to deter deer, rabbits and groundhogs.



The Foodscape Revolution  

Downsized gardening

Foodscaping is all about making the most of the square footage that is available.  Discover strategies to cultivate a smaller footprint while still growing the flowers and food you love. Brie shares insights on how to design and manage a downsized garden. Learn about growing in containers and with new technologies, including patio friendly Aeroponic systems and Live Screens. Accessible strategies are explained, including how to plant bed edges to deter browsing mammals.  From having a party ready patio to a bountiful property border Brie will share expert growing tips for a successful harvest.

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The Foodscape Revolution  


Managing your landscape in a sustainable manner is important for many reasons, including the health of you and your family, your pets and the living ecosystems that surround your home. Soil science is at the heart of this discussion, as Brie explains how microbial activity is the catalyst for healthy plants. The best organic products are featured to arm attendees with sustainable land management concepts.  Learn about a wide range of pollinators and the plants you need to sustain their life cycles while creating a purposeful landscape that nourishes your mind, body and soul. 


The Foodscape Revolution

GRowing in water

Grow like never before by utilizing the newest advancements in hydroponic technology. Brie explains the ins and outs of growing in water systems including Aeroponic towers, Aquaponic tanks and Hydroponic buckets. The term Hydroponic comes from Latin word meaning “working water” and this method of growing will increase yields and reduce your overall maintenance regiment. Learn how to integrate these systems into your landscape, patio and front porch. Discover everything you need to know to be a cutting edge grower no matter how much space or experience you have!

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The Foodscape Revolution  

PERENNIAL Combinations

Foodscape design requires a well balanced mix of flowering and edibles plants.  Learn how to integrate perennials with your favorite vegetables to increase beauty and pollinator activity by pairing their cultural needs. Brie shares management strategies to make your edible perennial border low maintenance, full of life and bountiful with harvests. 



The Foodscape Revolution  

Teaching the next generation

The most important thing we can do as stewards of the earth is teach the next generation to value the resources of the natural world.  Brie has taken the foodscape platform into schools across the US, working with administrators, teachers, parents and ground management staff to create sustainable, low maintenance food systems through-out campus properties.  She collaborates with teachers to extend garden curricula and engages community resources to enable long term funding.  Brie features initiatives to crowd source, grant opportunities and strategies to reach corporate sponsorship dollars. Empower students to learn practical skills by creating a garden classroom. Healthy living starts in every school.  

* Interactive seed sowing demonstration can be paired with program 

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The Foodscape Revolution  

Urban gardening

With so many people living in urban centers understanding how to grow in less space is paramount!  Brie focuses on simple and affordable strategies including creative container programs such as the online retailer Gardenuity. She will also discuss vertical growing with the Live Wall and the Tower Garden. Green roofs and patio planters will be featured to educate and inspire attendees to create a bountiful harvest that is easy to manage in the smallest of spaces.  


The Foodscape Revolution

Yard to table cooking demonstration:

making a bloody mary from scratch

Brie shares her favorite homegrown, time saving recipe for making a fresh Bloody Mary. 

30 minute slide show

15 minute cooking demonstration

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Fragrance in the Air  

Join Brie for a photographic tale of the most tantalizing fragrances found in the garden.  Organized by season, learn about the best trees and shrubs to create a scented landscape to be enjoyed year round. From early winter flowering apricots and witch hazels to the classic scent of summer gardenias, theses plants attract pollinators, beneficial insects and gardeners alike. 

*Plants featured best in USDA zones 7-9 (presentation can be modified for colder regions)


Great American Gardens  

Get inspired by some of the greatest public and private gardens across the US.  Join author Brie Arthur for a photographic tale of inspired gardens from coast to coast. From the classic collections of Chanticleer to the newly designed southern treasure of Moore Farms, Brie will share stories from her adventures touring the country as a plant nerd.

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Growing Heirloom Tomatoes  

Heirloom tomatoes are the ultimate taste of summer!  Brie shares expert tips for a successful, organic growing season.  Variety selection and cultural information are shared in depth including how to deal with soil borne diseases and root knot nematodes. Best growing methods, fertilizers and staking strategies are discussed in addition to creative ways to maximize your harvest by growing in containers and in water. Learn to be an expert from all of Brie's experiences (aka mistakes!) and grow like a professional this year!Brie shares expert tips for growing heirloom tomatoes successfully with bountiful harvest!


Marketing to Generation Me  

‘Marketing to Generation Me’ will inspire green industry professionals to take the lifestyle of gardening to the next level.  Learn from Brie as she discusses opportunities for garden centers, landscapers and garden clubs to reinvent themselves to attract a new generation.  She explains strategies to connect with and retain millennial-aged customers who have diverse motivations and values. Brie has a fresh take to enhance your relationship with a new generation through the lifestyle of gardening. 

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Sizzling Succulents

Colorful and creative succulents are taking the world by storm. Brie shares growing and propagation advice about her favorite tender and hardy succulents. She discusses creative combinations for year round interest and new introductions for cold hardy zones. Low maintenance, drought tolerant and eye catching, Sizzling Succulents will encourage everyone to indulge in this sustainable trend!  


The Heritage Camellia Collection  

Join Brie as she presents a photographic tale of one of the most cherished southern heritage plants, the camellia.  Discover the historic “lure of caffeine” and how global trading routes, politics and war spread camellias from Asia to Europe and the new America. Over the past decade Brie has gathered cuttings from many 100+ year old specimens from the ancient collection of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, SC. Learn the history, the stories and the people behind iconic varieties. 

*plants available for sale upon request

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Woody Winter Wonderland  

A photographic tale of Brie's favorite winter indulgences focusing on excellent woody specimens for interest between December- March.  The presentation features trees and shrubs with winter interest branches, berries, foliage and flowers including 20 varieties of Prunus mume (flowering apricot) and 10 varieties of Hamamelis (witch hazel).  The second half highlights Brie's favorite winter blooming camellias. You will never consider the "dormant season" boring after discovering all the color options from this program!